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Good Monday morning, MR listeners! We're back from hiatus with a news day, catching you up on all the stories and commentary you might have missed over the past week.

On today's show: AOC's payroll is socialism and communism at the same time. Bernie announces! When asked about Howard Schultz: "Why does he all of a sudden have this platform?" Elizabeth Warren's plan for universal childcare upsets Fox News. (Jamie says: make it free and totally un-means tested to make it even better!) Tucker Carlson blows up at Rutger Bregman in unaired Fox News interview.

On the fun half: Laura Ingraham guest says we can't judge John Wayne's white supremacy comments because it was 1971. Warren's position on the filibuster: "All options are on the table." Pete Buttgieg says all options are on the table for court packing. Dianne Feinstein waves off kids concerned about climate change. Plus, your calls and IMs!

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