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The Nation's Eric Alterman (@Eric_Alterman) joins us to discuss Elliot Abrams' war crimes. Also: Isabel Gillies (@isabelgillies) returns to discuss her new book 'Cozy: The Art of Arranging Yourself in the World.'

On today's show: Alex Jones declares war on Joe Rogan. Ilhan Omar bravely questions Elliot Abrams on war crimes, lies about war crimes.

The Nation's Eric Alterman (@Eric_Alterman) joins us to discuss the career of Elliot Abrams, Trump's pick for special envoy to Venezuela. From Guatemala to Nicaragua to El Salvador, Abrams has a long history of supporting atrocities and genocide when it has furthered US interests to do so. He was also convicted of lying to Congress about the US role in the Iran-Contra affair. Alterman goes over this man's crimes and explains why his career has proven so durable. Spoiler alert: It's a club, and he's in it.

Trump talks about declaring a national emergency, references the Muslim ban. Would the Supreme Court dare to set such a precedent?

Actress and author Isabel Gillies (@IsabelGillies) joins us to discuss her new book, 'Cozy: The Art of Arranging Yourself in the World.' Channeling the Danish idea of "hygge," Gillies seeks to help people with the task of "learning to identify the innermost truth of yourself and carrying it into the world, no matter your environment."

Trump installs indoor golf simulator in White House. Mike Pence says (in 2014) that the President should not handle immigration by executive order. Nancy Pelosi explains how the Dems will provide legal challenges to Trump's national emergency. Amazon pulls out of NYC, local communities celebrate! Fox and Friends express sour grapes, say "AOC won." Brian Kilmeade says Amazon is like a top draft pick or a free agent: "You gotta over pay." Cuomo blames "local socialists" for killing the deal; Jamie says thanks for the free PR. Plus, your calls and IMs!

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