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Good morning and Happy Valentine's Day! On today's Majority Report, Michael Brooks is joined by Professor of Middle East History Djene Bajalan to discuss what's happening at the US-led Middle East (minus Iran) "peace and security" conference in Warsaw. Michael and Djene begin with an autopsy on the Afghanistan and Iraq invasions  pushed by the American NatSec community and its allies like BB Netanyahu and how they're spinning the same tale today in the context of Iran. Michael explains how the campaigns from 16 years ago differ now with our policies towards Iran while Bajelan says people are right to be extremely concerned with Netanyahu's comments in Warsaw yesterday. This latest escalation shows what the gulf alliances are looking to do in the face of an already a fraught moment between Israel and Iran. Even if there isn't an all out war, gearing up for conflict and suffocating the Iranian regime will only further destabilize the Middle East and will hurt the millions of civilians living in the region. Michael and Djene conclude their conversation with an update on Kurdistan and the threat that Turkey poses once US forces withdraw from the region.

In the Fun Half: allowing 2020 candidates to evolve their policy platforms without condemnation, an update on the Spanish snap election, Bakari Sellers poo-poo's the Amazon's NYC withdrawal, all of Elliot Abrams war crimes and the NatSec careerists that insulate him, an update on Lula's incarceration and the state of Brazilian politics, how to deal with third-way friends and contemporaries, Duncan Hunter wishes combat had no rules of engagement,  a caller proposes a 2-state solution for Israel, Jonathan Chait's college peer reminds us the New York Magazine writer is always wrong, an update on the Sudanese protests, plus your calls and IMs!

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