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Today, Sam is joined by Brown University professor Corey Brettschneider to discuss his new book, The Oath and the Office: A Guide to the Constitution for Future Presidents in which Brettschneider lays out the constitutional limits at any point in time on the chief executive office. People often overlook the first thing the President does in the office, which is read an oath. This oath is prescribed from the second article of the constitution laying out the requirements of protecting the constitution. Brettschneider believes the Trump and the Supreme Court have failed to uphold the articles of the constitution, namely the travel ban Trump enacted his first weeks in government. Brettschneider explains the different interpretations of the constitution and schools of thoughts that exist on our current Supreme Court like Originalism and Textualism. With that said, Brettschneider really doesn't think Trump is serving with any functional understanding of the constitution--he's simply appointing Federalist Society and Judicial Watch originalist judges to the nation's highest courts. But what's worse? Having a president who can manipulate the constitution to his ideological will, or, Trump who has outsourced his constitutional interpretation to conservative judicial PACs. Brettschneider believes Trump's utter disregard for human rights and rule of law is not only more dangerous than a cunning judicially minded president, but it's also the most dangerous thing in the history of the country.

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