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Lori Wallach (@WallachLori), the Director and Founder of Global Trade Watch at Public Citizen, joins us to discuss the new NAFTA.

On today's show: Howard Schultz says his favorite presidents of the past 50 years are Reagan & FDR.

Lori Wallach, the Director and Founder of Global Trade Watch at Public Citizen, joins us to break down what's new in the new NAFTA, or the USMCA as it's been called by Trump and his co-signers, and how it will alter the international trade regime. Under the banner of "free trade," NAFTA limited the power of local governments to regulate business, as well as the power of workers to organize. USMCA is an improvement in some ways but worse in others. To track the upsides and downsides of "NAFTA 2.0," visit

On the fun half: Howard Schultz is Old Economy Steven personified. Michael Bloomberg on Medicare for all: "You could never afford that." Waleed Shahid of Justice Dems says billionaire centrists are a fringe group. Rachel Maddow concerned that Russia will hack the utilities, freeze people in the Dakotas. Bernie calls himself a socialist during governor race in VT during 1986 campaign. Mitch McConnell mocks the idea of making Election Day a federal holiday.

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