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Journalist and author Reniqua Allen (@rnz1) joins us to discuss her new book, It Was All A Dream: How A New Generation is Navigating the Broken Promise of America.

On today's show: Starbucks tycoon and aspiring third party candidate Howard Schultz shows us the mind of a billionaire who is not really a politician. Protester tells Howard Schultz to drop out of the race: "You egotistical billionaire asshole!" "Go back to getting ratioed on Twitter!"

Reniqua Allen (@rnz1) joins us to discuss her new book, It Was All A Dream: How A New Generation is Navigating the Broken Promise of America. After seeing their parents work hard in exchange for dubious rewards, black millennials are beginning to question the promise of the American dream. By talking to black millennials from all walks of life, Allen explores how the younger generation is navigating a bleak economic climate, shouldering the worst of the problems faced by millennials, and rejecting the rules and assumptions of white, neoliberal America.

Sam explains the Supreme Court case that could spell the end of Roe v Wade, especially if the court decides not to hear it. Reminder: direct action gets the goods. Nomiki Konst makes the case that progressives can't just be 90% progressive as public advocate.

On the fun half: Joe Rogan issues correction on fake inflammatory antifa sign. Howard Schultz roasted over 2020 plan. Kamala Harris endorses Medicare for all, says "it's time to move on." Kamala Harris punts on the morality of billionaires, says progressives aren't realistic on criminal justice reform. Sam lays out why the "electability" argument is not a good one to use against Harris in the primary. Plus, your calls and IMs!

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