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Joining us on today's show, Emma Vigeland (@EmmaVigeland) Correspondent & Producer at TYT Rebel HQ, and comedian and Bob's Burgers voice actor Larry Murphy. We're on Day 35 of the Government Shutdown and the disconnect between Trump and everyday people continues to grow. In a matter of hours Wilbur Ross, Donald Trump, and Larry Kudlow each explained exactly how little they understand about average Americans. Today, Air Traffic Controllers called out sick across several major US airports, include NY LaGuardia, Newark, and Philadelphia, grounding a large number of flights across the northeast and across the country. Emma Vigeland joins us and shares her stories from imbedding with conservatives during the 2016 campaign and breaks down the path forward for Democrats into 2020.

Then, Larry Murphy joins Sam to discuss the latest revelations from the Mueller probe including this morning FBI SWAT arrest of Roger Stone. Larry and Sam wonder how Trump and associates like Giuliani have gotten away with so much over such a long period of time in a politically ambitious city like New York. Finally, Sam asks Larry the hard question, will Hugo be in the Bob's Burger movie?

And in the Fun Half: Dana Perino is sending warning signals to Republicans on their economic messaging, Emma Vigeland explains the frustration of having centrist Democratic parents,  WWE Daniel Bryan is a woke boomer-hater, Denver teachers overwhelming vote to strike, Sam and the gang watch down Trump's announcement that he will reopen the government with no wall funding, what Venezuelans think about the on-going coup, plus your calls and IMs!

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