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It's a Michael Thursday. Journalist Brian Mier of Brasil Wire joins us to discuss Bolsonaro's first month in office and his message to the global elites this week in Davos. Then author and journalist Eva Golinger joins us to break down Juan Guiado, Nicolas Maduro, and the prospect of US intervention in Venezuela.

On today's show: DSA Chris Cuomo argues against Venezuela sanctions and intervention.

Journalist Brian Mier of Brasil Wire joins us to discuss Jair Bolsonaro's right-wing coup against Lula in Brazil. How Brazil's discovery of petroleum reserves got the NSA interested in spying on Lula's government and helping to root out "corruption." The shady connections between US agencies, Bolsonaro, organized crime, and the right-wing militia suspected of assassinating Marielle Franco, who was investigating the military police at the time. Parallels with the coup in Venezuela and a warning against taking the words of white, middle class ex-pats at face value.

Author, lawyer and journalist Eva Golinger (@evagolinger) joins us to discuss the coup against Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro. Golinger contextualizes this as-yet unfinished coup with the 2002 coup against democratically elected president Hugo Chavez, which the US abandoned when it became clear that it was going to fail due to widespread support for Chavez. Golinger breaks down what's different this time around, and what stance the US left should have toward this complex, developing situation.

On the fun half: How should the left approach the candidacy of Kamala Harris? Tulsi Gabbard spews pablum on working towards a two-state solution in Israel. Hannity says AOC's taxing the rich and social programs will turn us into Venezuela hell hole. Warren proposes wealth tax on those with more than $50 million. Maria Bartiromo fearmongers about taxes at Davos. Tony Blair says Anand's take on Davos as bad is "the easiest line in the world." Fake friend Tony Blair poses with fascist PM of Italy, has lunch with Bolsonaro at Davos. Ro Khanna tweets his position against Venezuelan intervention, gets re-tweeted by AOC and Ilhan Omar. Plus, your calls and IMs!

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