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On today's show: Former assistant director of FBI admits deep state used to keep progressives and "socialists" out of office. MAGA teens from Covington Catholic harass and mock Native American veteran Nathan Phillips at DC rally. Phillips explains what happened. Additional footage shows the teens harassed group of women as well. Tulsi Gabbard plays the "both sides" game on the shutdown. Poll finds support for the wall correlates with regressive attitudes towards race, feminism. Household gun ownership is biggest predictor of teen suicide.

On the fun half: Kyle Kashuv tweets about Charlie Kirk not getting medical attention in LA. Here's Charlie Kirk's tweet from 2017 saying healthcare is not a right. Trump says Pence is acting like MLK in demanding border wall. HBomber Guy raises $340k for trans youth by playing Donkey Kong on Twitch stream. Tentative deal reached in UTLA strike. Cory Booker celebrates charter schools in NoLa. Cole James Cash on Kamala Harris' horrendous record as a prosecutor. Aaron Sorkin's advice to progressive Dems: "Stop acting like young people." Jerome Corsi likens being questioned by Mueller's team to Christ's interrogation by Pontius Pilate.

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