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Today on a Michael Thursday Libby Watson joins the show to discuss the latest on Brexit and how the shutdown is effecting life in DC. We're live at 12:00 PM EST. Libby joins Michael to discuss the latest on Brexit and where we go from the recently narrowly defeated no-confidence vote. The Tories and Liberal Democrats are terrified of new general elections and particularly one where the Labour party is led by the Absolute Boy, Jeremy Corbin. At the same time, the EU does not appear to be budging on its Brexit deal. A no-deal Brexit is becoming a more likely reality with each passage day. Libby explains the role of UKIP in Brexit and Nigel Farage, whose party has no power in parliament but is constantly on television to explain Brexit to viewers. And with all the attention on Teresa May's role and failures in Brexit, David Cameron--who held the Brexit referendum--has really walked out of frame without much attention. Michael and Libby end their conversation talking about the New York Times' failures to call racism out when they see it, the White House staff and its revolving door with K Street.

In the Fun Half: A new listener-made Steven Crowder challenge video, how MR got one listener off Sam Harris, why we need a global-left solidarity with the Rojava Kurds, Raygun shares the story of his client who is a mother of six who is in the process of being deported by ICE, Steny Hoyer needs his retirement gold watch, The View's two fail-daughters say the 42% of Americans who want the wall are not racist, Tucker Carlson explains why the Green New Deal is a Russian psy-op, plus your calls and IMs!

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