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On today's show: Trump describes the meal he's paying for and hosting at White House for Clemson: "Great American food!" AG nominee William Barr gives opening statement at confirmation hearing. Republicans finally censure Steve King for his overt racism. Chuck Grassley endorses King in 2018 race. Jonathan Chait accuses Warren of "selling out" to "powerful interests" because she sided with teachers against charter schools.

On the fun half: Aerial footage from first day of LA teachers strike. Rand Paul travels to Canada for surgery. Rand Paul compares socialized healthcare to slavery in 2011. Should we treat centrist Democrats any differently than we treat Ana Navarro? Chuds angered by Gillette's ads themed around #metoo, toxic masculinity. Trump compares the wall to the Louisiana purchase. Trump updates farmers on his wall demands, breaking new ground in sentence structure. Tulsi Gabbard says some forms of torture are necessary.

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