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On today's show: Sam teases his debate with Brandon Straka of #WalkAway. Sarah Huckabee Sanders says we'll build the wall by taking funds from other departments. Fox and Friends guest Michael Goodwin suggests Trump voters crowdfund the wall. Jared Kushner gets behind federal prison reform because his dad is in federal prison. Ex-Republican explains why he walked away from the racist GOP. Elizabeth Warren introduces proposal to have the government make prescription drugs.

On the fun half: Simone Sanders explains how the "crisis at the border" is right wing talking point. John from San Antonio shares a personal experience with the US healthcare system. The connection between the criminalization of migration, NAFTA, and declining wages. Mother Jones EIC Clara Jeffery spreads lies to undermine Bernie. Tucker Carlson defends his show as advertisers flee; should anyone on the left care about "slippery slope" arguments re: speech? Mollie Hemingway says there was no collusion in Russia because Trump has no business here's CNN's Chris Cuomo with a copy of a Moscow Tower letter of intent with Trump's signature. Judge Jeanine praises Flynn's judge. Plus, your calls and IMs!

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