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Journalist and author Rebecca Traister (@rtraister) joins us to discuss her latest book, 'Good and Mad: The Revolutionary Power of Women's Anger.'

In this book, Traister traces the influence of female anger throughout US history. From the early suffragettes who marched on the White House, to the Lowell mill girls who contributed greatly to the US labor movement, to the #metoo movement and the Women's March, Traister traces how woman's anger has made a positive impact on US politics and society, despite being dismissed and delegitimized by a patriarchal culture.

On the fun half: A roundtable discussion of de-platforming as a tool to fight fascism. Dave Rubin interviews self-hating Imam Mohammad Tawhidi. Joe Biden says billionaires aren't all bad guys...they're just as patriotic as the working class. Should Angela Nagle be shunned by the left for her terrible immigration take? Anand Giriharadas calls out EY for sponsoring Saudi Davos in the desert after Khashoggi killing. Plus your calls and IMs!

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