The Majority Report with Sam Seder

Sam debates libertarian politics with activist and presidential candidate Adam Kobkesh (@adamkokesh). 

On today's show: Trump says refugees and asylum seekers are bringing disease and illness...Trump wants legal immigraton (while shutting down all legal avenues). Claire McCaskill says Schumer is a great Senate minority leader because he lets members vote however they need to.

Libertarian Adam Kokesh (@adamkokesh), of, joins us for a spirited exchange of ideas. Topics covered include: What do libertarians believe? What's their problem with the state's monopoly on violence? How do they propose to set up society in the absence of a centralized state authority? What does Sam find problematic about their political program?

On the fun half: Ann Coulter says the Democratic Party is united by "hating white men." Michael Cohen is going to jail! Here's a CNN montage of GOP officials shrugging off Trump campaign finance crimes. Rep. Steve King asks Google CEO Sundar Pichai for names of employees to see if they're liberals, demands to know why his granddaughter's iPhone shows negative ads about him. NBC rehabs Nikki Haley, lets her explain how she was effective under Trump. Plus, your calls and IMs!

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