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New York Magazine's Eric Levitiz (@EricLevitz) joins us to discuss his latest piece, 'The GOP Is Making Its Contempt for Democracy Clear. Will the Mainstream Media?'

On today's show: Sam takes apart Ezra Klein's mea culpa for being hoodwinked by Paul Ryan. Why did Klein take Ryan's "fiscal responsibility" seriously when others, like Paul Krugman, saw through it?

Eric Levitz joins us to discuss his latest piece for New York Magazine, The GOP Is Making Its Contempt for Democracy Clear. Will the Mainstream Media? In this piece, Levitz explores how the media downplays GOP extremism, pointing the finger at news outlets that took the North Carolina GOP at its word when it asserted its efforts to disenfranchise voters were aimed at "fighting voter fraud." Given that one party is openly opposed to liberal democracy, Levitz argues, it's crucial for "objective" news sources to investigate their claims, rather than give them a neutral platform to spew extremist lies.

Sam accepts Brandon Straka (of #WalkAway)'s challenge to go on his show and debate him.

On the fun half: Dan Bongino fired from NRA TV; we recap his beef with Vic Berger. Trump threatens to shut down the government over the wall. (DO IT, says Jamie.) Jared Kushner says the White House has moved on from Khasshogi murder. In Brexit news, EU commission says they will not reintegrate; meanwhile, Teresa May hides in a car. The Mooch says he doesn't believe QAnon, then says sometimes Q is right. Plus, your calls and IMs!

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