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Journalist Mike Mariani (@MikesMariani) joins us to discuss his latest piece in GQ, "The Would-Be Terrorist vs. the FBI."

On today's show: Trump says Michael Cohen is "a weak person" for taking another plea deal. Back in October: Eric Trump says Trump, Inc. had no business in Russia and KSA.

Journalist Mike Mariani (@MikesMariani) joins us to discuss his latest piece in GQ, "The Would-Be Terrorist vs. the FBI." In this piece, Mariani tells the story of Matthew Llaneza, a marginalized and mentally ill young man who was ensnared by an FBI anti-terror sting. After a stint in prison, Llaneza found work with a man who turned out to be an FBI informant. Over time, the informant ensnared him in a bizarre terror plot tailor-made to his particular psychology. Llaneza is just one of hundreds of people who've been targeted by FBI terror stings since 9/11. Mariani goes over the legal, media, and institutional reasons for this injustice.

On the fun half: Sinclair Media tries to distance itself from Boris Epshteyn's commentary on immigrants. Why isn't Mike Cernovich reporting on Jeffrey Epstein? Bolsonaro salutes John Bolton as he arrives in Brazil. Noam Chomsky on Bolsonaro and Lula. Bernie explains the next steps after Yemen procedural vote. Pompeo says there's no direct evidence of MBS's involvement in Khasshogi murder. Ivanka Trump on her wellness in Washington. Ben Shapiro does not understand economics or climate change. Plus your calls and IMs!

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