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Marcy Wheeler (@emptywheel), independent journalist at, joins us.

On today's show: Stuart Varney drags AOC on Amazon, says "the young lady does not understand growth."

Marcy Wheeler (@emptywheel), independent journalist at, joins us to discuss the latest on the Mueller investigation, including Jeff Sessions' firing, the potential number of indictments coming down the pike, and how Trump's decision to install loyalist Matt Whitaker as Sessions' replacement (and Mueller's boss) could backfire on him.

The incoming House reps for the Democrats vs. the GOP: spot the differences.

On the fun half: Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) talks voter suppression in GA, says Republicans "can't win elections fairly." Ainsley Earhardt says elections are less fun when they aren't called on election night. Matt Schlapp says the Florida recount is a "test run" for stealing the 2020 election for Trump. Mehdi Hassan of Al Jazeera breaks down Trump's lies in interview with Trump 2020 campaign staffer. Oklahoma state football coach Mike Gundy blames transfers on "liberalism" and "the snowflake." Mindy on the PA electorate. Two fan-created MR bingo cards!

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