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John Sides (@johnmsides), professor of political science at George Washington University and co-author of Identity Crisis: The 2016 Presidential Campaign and the Battle for the Meaning of America, joins us.

On today's show: Andrew Gillum talks Florida 2002 documentary.

John Sides (@johnmsides), professor of political science at George Washington University, joins us to discuss his new book, Identity Crisis: The 2016 Presidential Campaign and the Battle for the Meaning of America. For this book, Sides researched voters' beliefs about how much the Democratic Party's policies helped black Americans, and found they grew substantially after Obama's 2008 election. Sides posits that Obama's election racialized US politics n a way they had not been previously, causing race, immigration and religion to play a major role in the 2016 presidential election.

In the fun half: AOC visits climate change protest in Pelosi's office. Amazon comes to NYC, granting Cuomo's wish for upward redistribution. Trumpy Bear: the hottest Xmas gift for QAnon truthers. Hyde Smith refuses to apologize for joking about "public hanging" in a state known for lynchings. Mike from PA calls in to report back on races in his state, call out Democratic Party and union officials who endorsed a GOP candidate. A caller discusses the "should we be socialists?" panel Sam hosted and the flawed understanding behind the statement "I don't want the government to make my shoes."

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