The Majority Report with Sam Seder

MR reports on the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting that left 11 dead.

Michelle Malkin says refugees are a "hostile force" invading our country. Chris Farrell says caravan is made possible by "Soros occupied State Department." Hugh Hewitt says there is political violence on both sides, Trump is not to blame for the violence. Sam and Barbara Boxer debate how to handle right wing political violence; Sam says you have to do more than vote, calls out the media for creating false equivalancies. Erick Erickson calls on conservatives to stop spreading conspiracy theories about pipe bomb suspect, has recently tweeted conspiracy theories about the caravan, Planned Parenthood, Christine Blasey Ford, and David Hogg.

On the fun half: Trump supporters say bomber was a false flag and Dems sent bombs to themselves; Hugh Hewitt claims no "responsible conservatives" are saying it was a false flag. Paul Ryan says tribalism is on both sides and Trump's rallies only sometimes cause division. Mindy asks for tips on staying sane. An Israeli caller on Jewish anti-Semitism. Sebastian Gorka dismisses any claims that Donald Trump is complicit in hate crimes against Jews. Stacey Abrams explains the illegal, racist voter purges to Brian Kemp in debate. Trump blames Pittsburgh synagogue for lack of armed security.

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