The Majority Report with Sam Seder

Sam is back from Politicon. Let's see how he did in his debate against Charlie Kirk!

On today's show: Sam's debate with Charlie gets the Bob's Burgers treatment. Trump explains why he's a nationalist, not a globalist. Trump wants reporters to embed with migrant caravan to find MS 13 and terrorists. Mike says CBP apprehends 10 terrorists every day at the southern border. Fox news segment: "Griff Jenkins foils illegals' attempt to cross border."

On the fun half: John from San Antonio calls in with his latest predictions for the midterms. The crew watches (part of) Sam's debate with Charlie Kirk, in which he schools him on the GOP tax cuts, single-payer healthcare, top marginal tax rates, and more. Plus: A caller's conspiracy theory about who's really funding the migrant caravan.

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