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Jeff Hauser (@jeffhauser) from the Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR) joins the Majority Report to discuss his latest piece in The Hill, "Dems Can Use Subpoena Power to Reclaim the Mantle of Populism." In this piece, Jeff lays out plans for how Democratic representatives in Congress could use their powers of oversight to stand up for regular people by uncovering corruption of all kinds across not only the breadth of the Trump administration, but the economy as a whole. Also: Hauser's take on Chuck Schumer's terrible leadership and what the Democrats would do if they wanted to effectively resist the GOP.

On the fun half: John from San Antonio offers up some topics for Politicon, reminds Sam to give Bernie credit. Dissident Peasant a.k.a. Jeff in GA gets stoked about Stacey Abrams for governor. GA's secretary of state releases voting PSA where they don't even try to hide voter suppression. How likely are the Democrats to make voting rights federal, if/when they take back power? Eric Trump lies about government deficit and debt. Larry Kudlow claims tax revenue is growing, deficit shrinking. Eric Trump claims his family is not in any way invested in Saudi Arabia. YDSA member confronts TP USA coward about racist group chats. Charlie Kirk copies Benny Johnson's misleading Kanye tweet. What is the long-term inoculation against capital rolling back progressive gains in the future? Jamie and Sam debate the role of economics in Trump's rise to power.

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