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Author Erik Loomis (@ErikLoomis) joins us to discuss his new book, A History of America in Ten Strikes.

On today's show: Elizabeth Warren takes DNA test, finds she has some Native American ancestry; Trump refuses to pay up.

Erik Loomis (@ErikLoomis) joins us to discuss his new book, A History of America in Ten Strikes. Why organized labor must oppose racism and sexism if it is going to succeed. What's happened in the past when (white) workers chose race over class, particularly in the south. How a sympathetic (or at least neutral) government can play a role in labor victories. The Democratic Party's spotty history with labor and why Loomis believes labor progressives can, and should, take over the Democratic Party now. Some important strikes in history.

On the fun half: Fox News' twisted take on Antifa and the Proud Boys' conflict in NYC. Gavin McInnes on why violence is the answer. Trump's primary regret so far? How badly the press has treated him. Trump says 60 Minutes' fact-checking doesn't matter: "I'm president, you're not." CNN focus group of independent voters calls Trump a dictator.  Larry Kudlow says UN scientists "overestimate" on climate change. Marco Rubio says he won't 'destroy our economy' for climate change. ND support for Heitkamp increases among soybean farmers hurt by Trump's tariffs on China. A call from the Mooch! Dave in Jamaica questions the intelligence/character of CNN's independent voters; Jamie agrees, exhorts the Democrats not to center them. An update on the sex abuse scandal in the PA Catholic church. Racist white woman ("Cornerstone Caroline") accuses black child of groping her in a store. A caller explains why his dad voted Obama 2x, then swung to Trump.

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