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Journalist Jessica Bruder joins Sam to discuss her book, Nomadland: Surviving America in the 21st Century, on how a generation of Americans has redefined their ambitions.

On today's show: Ben Shapiro caught off guard when guest calls Israel "an Apartheid state."

Journalist Jessica Bruder speaks with Sam about her new book, Nomadland: Surviving America in the 21st Century. In researching this book, Brider spoke with people all over the country, mostly older Americans, who gave up their homes, moved into RVs, and took on precarious contract work to survive when Social Security and other benefits came up short. From Amazon factories during the holiday season, to campgrounds in eastern California, Bruder's research shows that, for many people, the American Dream of the 20th century has transformed into a roving life of seasonal work at the mercy of whether a car or RV can take you to a job opportunity.

On the fun half: A caller questions whether Elizabeth Warren's left liberal approach is enough to solve the problems of capitalism. Jamie and Michael argue about "flat earth" conspiracy theories. A caller on Brett Kavanaugh and the crisis of white supremacy. Text messages suggest Kav is lying about not knowing Deborah Ramirez. Trump says Kavanaugh's youthful drinking shouldn't disqualify him. Matt reads select passages from Tucker Carlson's latest literary work. Tucker Carlson's racist dog whistle of the night is "white genocide." Carlson stumbles over gender pronoun usage. Is Bernie Sanders the only candidate who can beat Trump? Bernie congratulates Jeff Bezos on paying his employees $15/hour. Alex Trebek goes on weird tangent about not being molested by Catholic priests at PA senatorial debate. Brendan recommends a piece in The New Yorker: "Brett Kavanaugh, Donald Trump, and the Things Men Do For Other Men."

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