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Nathan Robinson (@NathanJRobinson), Editor-in-Chief of Current Affairs, joins us to discuss his latest essay, "How We Know Kavanaugh Is Lying."

On today's show: Jeff Flake and Chris Coons say Kavanaugh is disqualified if he lied under oath.

Nathan Robinson joins us to discuss how we know Nathan Robinson is lying. According to the legal principle "falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus," a witness who lies about one thing is not credible enough to testify about anything. And Kavanaugh's lies are numerous. From his insistence that he never attended a gathering like the one Christine Blasey Ford says she was attacked at, to his denial of a well-documented drinking habit, to his absurd misrepresentation of "Renate alum," Kavanaugh undermined his credibility (and perjured himself) at every turn. Senate Democrats' lukewarm performance and the limits of an FBI investigation. Jake Tapper defends Kellyanne Conway's baseless assertion that the White House isn't micromanaging the FBI investigation.

On the fun half: Tucker Carlson hyperventilates about the media's "race obsession" w/r/t Kavanaugh, worries it's going to start "some kind of conflict." Elizabeth Warren talks female anger, says she might run for president in 2020. John from San Antonio pushes back on Sam re: whether or not Bernie wants to run. Tucker Carlson can't bait professor Jason Nichols into reverse racism debate. Ben Shapiro calls Norway a "Marxist paradise," says they've got equality due to "social capital," not redistribution. A caller criticizes affirmative action on corporate boards.

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