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Eddie Glaude, James S. McDonnell Distinguished University Professor in the Department of Religion and African American Studies at Princeton University, joins us.

On today's show: Sen. Dick Durbin asks Kavanaugh to call for FBI investigation; he won't do it.

Professor Eddie Glaude (@esglaude) joins us to break down the Kavanaugh hearings. What the GOP's continued support of Kavanaugh says about how far the US hasn't come as a nation. The indignant rage of patriarchy under threat. Comparisons with the Anita Hill hearings and what, if anything, is different now. The potential for impeachment down the line. The counter-narrative that will give cover to the Senators who vote to confirm Kavanaugh. Donald Trump as symptom of what's wrong with the GOP. The disingenuousness of being outraged by Trump's style, rather than his policies.

Judy Gold (@JewdyGold) joins us for a bit of catharsis. Kav gets belligerent with Sen. Amy Klobuchar when questioned about his drinking.

A new Jimmy Reefercake/Adam Rainstopper jam is played.

On the fun half: CNN's Jeffrey Toobin calls Jeff Flake spineless and pathetic. Sen. Richard Blumenthal probes Kavanaugh's lies about what "Renate Alumnus" means. Kav's Yale classmante Lynn Brookes says he's lying about his drinking. Supercut of Kav raving about "BEER." Why don't the Democrats wield anger and outrage the way the Republicans do? A Jimmy Dore fan calls in to argue with us, calls Jamie a Democratic Party apologist. Kavanaugh and Mitchell discuss July first entry about who was at the party. Liberty University student defends Kavanaugh, says it's okay to assault if it means ending abortion. Coon and Ford discuss when she brought letter to Congressman, during "shortlist" period.

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