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Murtaza Hussain joins us to discuss his latest piece from the Intercept, "The US Goes to War Against the ICC to Cover Up Alleged War Crimes in Afghanistan." Hussain and Michael break down how and why John Bolton and the US are threatening sanctions against global officials at International Criminal Court, who are looking to bring charges against US actors in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Murtaza breaks down the United States' relationship to the ICC and why it stands as the great chance to bring war crimes against the US officials from the George W. Bush administration. The crimes levied against US officials in Afghanistan deal specifically with detention policies enacted by American military and government officials and contractors hired to help the war effort beginning in 2003. Michael and Murtaza place these accusations in the context of a Trump administration that is a strange brew of outwardly isolationist rhetoric while maintaining deference to "the Generals" and unfettered military action. Taking a broader focus in the Middle East, Murtaza and Michael discuss the path forward in Syria and what happens at the end of "revolution," and what happens after "people cannot breathe anymore." Now in Syria, Murtaza sees a double down from Assad, a government that employs violence and oppression in the near future.

And in the Fun Half: Trump-worshippers are unenthusiastic about the midterms, why doorknocking works, Michael Moore's covering Flint, MI, could Democrats impeach Kavanaugh, Bill Cosby's publicist says his client and Kavanaugh are victims of a "sex war," Trump says China will keep the GOP from keeping its majority in November, chances of Avenatti in 2020, impeaching Kavanaugh from the DC Circuit court, how voting works in Brasil, engaging with anarcho-syndicalists, personal politics & voting, Trump talks options in Venezuela, Missouri GOP Senate candidate uses his son pre-existing condition to push ACA repeal, Texas State Senator Charles Schwertner is under investigation for sexual misconduct, gaming as recruiting ground for white nationalist groups, plus your calls and IMs!

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