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On today's show: Is deputy AG Rod Rosenstein about to get fired for his role in the Mueller investigation? Sean Hannity expects Donald Trump will fire Robert Mueller after Hurricane Florence passes. Mitch McConnell says they're going to "plow through" with Kavanaugh's nomination. Kavanaugh pal Ed Whelan, president of the Ethics and Public Policy Center, libels a random person in rush to publicize doppelganger theory. Fox and Friends slow to let go of doppelganger theory. What was the "Women for Kavanaugh" bus tour really about?  Fox and Friends "legal expert": Kavanaugh "has been rehabilitated," so there's no problem confirming him. "Republican voter" women on CNN defending Kavanaugh are actually GOP operatives.

On the fun half: GOP AZ Rep. Paul Gosar's brothers and sisters appear in ad for his opponent, David Brill. Jimmy Dore calls out AOC for fast endorsement of Cuomo, has no understanding of how power works. A caller spotlights how liberals are afraid of conflict. Jamie notes that most working class people don't vote and many can't, and the left shouldn't leave them behind. Jeff in Philly rails against AOC, says Crowley is a "better Democrat" than her. A caller marvels at Jimmy Dorr's idiocy.

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