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On today's show: Trump says Florence is "wetting in terms of water." Florence causes massive runoff from factory farms, kills 32. South Carolina refused to evacuate prisons in path of hurricane. Anita Hill says Joe Biden "deferred to power," created a situation where she would suffer. Greg Gutfeld thinks what's happening to Brett Kavanaugh is more unfair than what happens to rape victims. Kav's classmate Mark Judge (spoiler alert!) posts creepy things on Facebook.

On the fun half: Trump says he's disappointed in Jeff Sessions "for many reasons." "Don Jr." educates us on the evils of dick shaming. An update on the crisis in Yemen and US culpability in it. A caller who read Jordan Peterson's book summarizes lobster man's thoughts on immigrants. Kennedy talks about weed soda on Fox Business News. Willie Nelson says on 'The View' that he supports Beto O'Rourke, doesn't care what anyone thinks of his politics. Is boomer hatred the class hatred of fools? Stormy Daniels' role in the cultural fight against Trump. Laurie Bertram Roberts (@smartstatistic) of the Mississippi Reproductive Freedom Fund (@fundmsabortions) on the history of abortion restrictions and their links to anxiety about white genocide.

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