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Investigative journalist and friend of the show David Dayen (@ddayen) joins us to discuss his latest piece for The New Republic, "He Was The Resistance Inside The Obama Administration."

On today's show: Trump claims his administration's actions in Puerto Rico were an "unsung success."

David Dayen (@ddayen) joins us to discuss how Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner undermined President Obama's efforts to restructure the big banks following the financial crisis of 2008. In 2009, Obama ordered his Treasury Department to finalize a "resolution" for Citi Group that would help stabilize the economy. While Obama himself wasn't necessarily in favor of nationalization, the order left the team the leeway to take that option, and at least one of them (Larry Summers) was interested in it. Dayen reports on how Geithner essentially refused Obama's order and the negative impact his bank-friendly approach could have. Also: Chuck Schumer's non-existent strategy for blocking Trump's judicial nominees and The New York Times' uneven candidate endorsements.

On the fun half: Dana Loesch argues that Dallas murder victim story "could have been very different" if the victim "was a law abiding gun owner." Brit Hume defends Tucker Carlson's "diversity" comments. Carlson apes talking points from white nationalist Youtubers. John from San Antonio on the September 13 primaries. Rachel Maddow shares news that DHS moved $10M from FEMA to ICE. More on Obama's political failings. Should the Democrats spend more time debunking trickle down economics? A caller explains why the left is at a disadvantage when it comes to grassroots action around the judiciary. Kathy Hochul's willful ignorance of how class intersects with gender. Stefan Molyneux tells fans to get rid of their Nikes and join his cult. Steve Scalise claims tax cuts always help the economy, leaves out what happened under Bush II.

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