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On today's show: Tucker Carlson wants to know why you think diversity is good. Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro survives drone assassination attempt. What's the humanitarian answer to the crisis in Venezuela? Michael parallels the coup in Venezuela with Lula's situation in Brazil. Obama says Trump is the symptom, not the cause. Obama browbeats young people for not voting, takes zero responsibility for our current situation.

On the fun half: The dangers of advocating anti-imperialism without class analysis. Candace Owens shares New York Times conspiracy: they did the op-ed themselves. Will Trump pivot to economic nationalism? Jamie recalls sad Bernie bros at a DNC marijuana party. Cynthia Nixon responds to Rosh Hashanah NYS Dem Committee mailer. Ben Shapiro will not bake Dave Rubin a gay wedding cake and would not go to his anniversary party. Alex Jones' "de-platforming" from Twitter and the need to nationalize Big Tech. Elon Musk smokes a blunt with Joe Rogan, is still the worst. Is Doug Henwood right that the Democrats need a stronger platform to take back the House? A caller believes Nixon can beat Cuomo.

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