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Journalist and author Corey Pein (@coreypein) and Matthew "Film Guy" Weiss (@langdonboom) join us.

On today's show: Jesse Watters' futile attempts to own Jessica Tarlov on immigrants and crime.

Corey Pein (@coreypein) joins us to discuss Elon Musk, white supremacists in Oregon, and more. Is the mess at Tesla evidence the public sector needs to step in and expropriate the green energy project? And what's with all the white nationalists in Pinochet t-shirts who've been invading Portland, OR? Pein breaks it down. Check out his new book, "Live, Work, Work, Work, Die: A Journey Into the Savage Heart of Silicon Valley."

Film Guy Matthew (@langdonboom) joins us to talk all things film. A roundtable on Boots Riley's "Sorry to Bother You" and Spike Lee's "BlacKkKlansman." Is Spike Lee too easy on the police? Jamie critiques "Sorry To Bother You"'s gender politics. The crew reveal what books they've been reading. Matthew's film picks: "One Year in a Life of Crime" (1989) and "Joe" (1970).

On the fun half: Mohammad Bin Salman brings equality to women in Saudi sentencing a woman protester to death. Trump says flipping on someone should "almost" be illegal. Rep. Duncan Hunter throws his wife under the bus, blames her for improper campaign spending. Concerned mom asks Rep. Kevin Cramer (R-ND) if her kids will be safe if ACA is killed, is told to get off his lawn. Houthi rebels report 22 children killed by latest air raid on Yemen's Hodeidah.

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