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Martha Nussbaum, author and philosophy professor at the University of Chicago, joins us to discuss her new book, "The Monarchy of Fear: A Philosopher Looks At Our Political Crisis."

On today's show: Tucker Carlson's willfully demented take on South African land reform.

Martha Nussbaum joins us to discuss her latest book, "The Monarchy of Fear: A Philosopher Looks At Our Political Crisis." We live in times marked by increasing polarization. President Trump operates on fear-based politics, and most of his supporters are seen by the left as irredeemable racists. In this book, Nussbaum builds a case for love, empathy, and rational discourse as the way out of our current predicament, drawing on thinkers from Aeschylus to MLK.

On the fun half: A caller asks how to talk to his MAGA friends about politics. Trump on the hush money payments: "They didn't come out of the campaign. They came from me." Trump wonders why you'd impeach a president who's doing a good job. Stuart Varney warns against paying workers a living wage, America's slide into socialism. Can STEM solve the jobs crisis? Are working class Trump supporters voting against their own interests? A new poll finds 85% of Democrats and 52% of Republicans support Medicare for all. Duncan Hunter's campaign finance expenditures show he wasted GOP donor money on awesome things. A Brazilian caller critiques Lula's party's strategy.

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