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On today's show: Trump doesn't address Manafort or Cohen, talks instead about deals and his mom's "gestating" turkey. Michael Cohen's lawyer Lanny Davis says Cohen would not accept Trump's presidential pardon, and Cohen has info on Trump and Russia to tell Mueller. Greg Jarrett says Trump's campaign finance conspiracy is not a crime because he's always paid off women, claims Trump didn't know Manafort before the campaign?! Lindsey Graham said "impeachment is about cleansing the office" of the presidency in 1999. Rick Santorum says most Americans are more concerned about a murdered student in Iowa than Trump's corruption, claims Trump "didn't surround himself with criminals" because they weren't yet convicted at the time.

On the fun half: Maria Bartiromo thinks she's being shadow banned because her tweet attacking Obama didn't go viral. Mindy gives personal insight into Trump's popularity with the white collar crime demographic. John from San Antonio argues with Sam about Trump's chances of impeachment. Tomi Lahren calls Ana Navarro "disgusting and vile" for mocking Melania Trump, claims no one ever did the same to Michelle Obama. Imprisoned radical Heriberto "Sharky" Garcia declares his hunger strike as part of the national prison strike. Nationwide prison strike's list of demands includes ending modern day slavery. Man talks about the injustices his incarcerated brother faces. Brett Kavanaugh's hypocritical memo to Ken Starr on how Bill Clinton should be treated. Comrade Communicator calls in to correct the record on Posadism. Jordan Peterson says atheists have never been an oppressed group (with caveats).

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