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Author Matthew Horace joins us to discuss his new book, The Black & Blue: A Cop Reveals the Crimes, Racism, and Injustice in America's Law Enforcement. Horace presents an insider's examination of police tactics, which he concludes is an "archaic system" built on a "toxic brotherhood." Horace provides fresh analysis on communities experiencing police brutality and disparate imprisonment rates due to racist policing like Ferguson, New Orleans, Baltimore, and Chicago. Horace explains how officers bring their biases into the job of law enforcement official that is complicated by the "protect your own" ethos of the field. Sam and Horace discuss what has and what has not changed in our country's policing and how calls for social justice has met resistance in law enforcement brotherhood of self-protection. Horace also talks about the incremental progress that has been made in law enforcement behavior.

And in the Fun Half: Michael reveals his big TMBS One Year Anniversary's Sam, Donald Trump boasts about the Border Patrol agent's "perfect English," Maria Bartiromo does a segment on the new hot fall fashion line of bulletproof backpacks, Eric Prince and Academi are making their hard push for privatizing the war efforts in Afghanistan, Borish Epshteyn's Bottom Line struggles in its first post-Tribune merger segment, Joe Rogan, voting your conscious v. voting pragmatically, caller shares his experience as with the cops after a verbal disagreement at the dog park, Michael Cohen's plea deal, and of course your calls and IMs!

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