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Journalist and author Anna Clark (@annaleighclark) joins us to discuss her new book, The Poisoned City: Flint's Water and the American Urban Tragedy.

On today's show: An update on Ronald Raygun's client, Humberto, who will make bond thanks to everyone's generous donations. Unruly airline traveler screams cops "treating me like a black person" during arrest.

Journalist Anna Clark joins us to discuss the continuing humanitarian crisis in Flint, MI. Several years after the news of Flint's water crisis broke, its residents still don't have access to clean water. Through a careful examination of the Flint's history, politics, and economics, Clark lays out the dimensions of the crisis, the reasons it happened, and why the city was so slow to deal with it. Also: why there is no end in sight, and why culpable parties like Rick Snyder have yet to be held responsible.

On the fun half: CNN's Jake Tapper "fact checks" Sanders' Medicare-for-all claims, gets crucial facts wrong. Giuliani says "truth isn't truth," volleys so many lies at Chuck Todd he misses a big one. Georgia lawmaker Michael Williams tells CNN he's cool with Trump using n-word if it happened before he was president. US supplied bomb that killed 40 children in Yemen. John Bolton says privatizing Afghan operations will be Trump's call. ICE detains man driving wife to hospital to deliver baby. C-SPAN cuts off audio after caller shouts 'death to the n*gger Obama.' Cynthia Nixon explains why the IDC holds NY back on progressive politics. Phil Mudd gets VERY mad when Paris Dennard asks if he gets money from consulting groups. What kind of non-policy features would our ideal presidential candidate have?

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