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On today's show: Trump honors Aretha Franklin at cabinet meeting by saying she worked for him on "numerous occasions." Lara Trump's call offering Omarosa $15k/month to work on Trump 2020 team. Fox News reports there's nothing to see in new Omarosa tape.

Cliff Schecter (@CliffSchecter) joins us to discuss Elizabeth Warren's "Accountable Capitalism Act." As per Warren's bill, any company making over $1 billion in revenue would have to obtain a federal charter of corporate citizenship. In addition to shareholders, companies would have to consider the needs of customers, employees, and communities when making decisions. Additionally, workers would get to elect 40% of the board of directors. Sam and Cliff discuss the ins and outs of the bill, and how it would force corporations to behave in less sociopathic ways. Plus: More on the Kavanaugh confirmation fight.

Ronald Raygun (@YakimaAbogado) joins us to discuss his work as an immigration lawyer and his efforts to create a fund to help people meet their bond payments so they aren't held in detention while their cases are pending. Go here to donate to the bond fund for his client Humberto, a father whose own parents brought him to the US when he was just three years old. He also lampoons the presidential ambitions of Michael Avenatti and tries to bait Jamie into talking shit.

On the fun half: Ajit Pai's weak explanation for why he couldn't go public about the FCC's not-hacked website. Fox News freaks out over Elizabeth Warren's Accountable Capitalism Act, says it's "unnecessary." Dissident Peasant on voter suppression in GA. Sam's opinion on packing the court. A caller on his personal experience with Medicaid's stinginess in WI. Heroes of late capitalism: a teacher with cancer ran out of sick days, so his colleagues gave him theirs. Fox and Friends try to bring back freedom fries. Tucker compares illegal immigrants to litter. A formerly libertarian caller on how MR pulled her to the left. (Hell yeah!) Is Jamie losing her commie edge? (Hell no!)

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