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Eric Levitz (@EricLevitz), politics writer for New York Magazine, joins us to discuss his latest piece, "Conservatives Can’t Decide If Nordic Socialism Is a Totalitarian Nightmare or Actually Capitalist."

On today's show: Trump revokes former CIA director John Brennan's security clearance; flashback to Paul Ryan saying "I think he's just trolling people" with security clearance threat.

Eric Levitz and Michael discuss the GOP's attacks on healthcare and confusion about democratic socialism. First he takes up the Kavanaugh appointment's potential effect on the ACA and the own-goal of the GOP attacking its most popular provisions. Will this move backfire in the midterm elections? See Levitz's piece in New York Magazine for more. Levitz next discusses his piece on conservatives' confusion over what to make of Scandinavian social democracies. With the rising mainstream popularity of "democratic socialism," the GOP is having a tough time figuring out how to counter the example set by countries like Denmark. Are they examples of disastrous state overreach, or free market capitalism? Lastly, he touches on the unfolding scandal of Trump's n-word tape. If anyone was somehow unaware that Trump's presidency is based on white supremacy, they won't be now.

On the fun half: Andrew Cuomo says "America was never that great," Fox and Friends respond that America is great "because we stopped Communist Japan." Fox's Trish Regan says "something is rotten in the state of Denmark" and it's socialism. Liz Bruenig makes cogent argument for socialism on Fox News. An update on jailed Brazilian politician Lula, who has successfully registered to run for president. Is Michael Avenatti going to run for president of the US? A caller on the dangers of space debris, Space Force. Christian Picciolini's feud with Sam Harris and why it's so important to expose racist pseudoscience and keep its adherents out of the mainstream. The Daily Show's reel of Cuomo-on-Cuomo crime. Remembering Aretha Franklin. VT gubernatorial candidate Christine Halquist on socialism vs. capitalism. A STEM worker on why science needs to have a social conscience.

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