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Digby (@digby56) of and Hullabaloo and Matt Christman (@cushbomb) of Chapo Trap House join us.

On today's show: Trump White House offers viewers — err, citizens — the chance to vote on the logo for SPACE FORCE.

Digby joins us to discuss the complex web of corruption around Trump and the GOP. The idea that running cons is okay as long as a politician is "honest" about them. How Trump capitalized on the meritocracy's failure to deliver. Trump steaks and other failures of branding. What to make of the latest primary results w/r/t to left-populist outsiders? The return of ideological, anti-establishment energy as a force within the Democratic Party and the role played by millennials.

On the fun half: Matt Christman's predictions for what will make a comeback during the Trump years. (The asbestos one has already come true!) Matt's take on the primary results. Ben Shapiro challenges AOC to debate him for a $10k campaign contribution, gets denied, gets mad. Chris Collins can't understand how carried interest got back in the GOP tax bill. Another "heartwarming" story of late capitalism: Student's family buys car for teacher so she can get to work. Mike Pence announces SPACE FORCE, seems super stoked. Laura Ingraham says "the America we know and love doesn't exist anymore" in some places because of "massive demographic changes," doubles down on racism in apology. A call from the Mormon god. Alex Jones is selling coffee from Chiapas; is he a Zapatista now? Jimmy Dorr surprises everyone, misuses a quote from Noam Chomsky. Vox study says more campus left wingers get fired for their views than right wingers. How the right deals with democratic socialists (or fails to).

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