The Majority Report with Sam Seder

Sam is back in Brooklyn with the rest of the MR crew to review his time at Netroots and discuss the week ahead in news.

On today's show: Cory Booker poses with Palestinian rights sign, subsequently apologizes. BDS Bush says no wall on West Bank in 2007. GOP disbands Voter Fraud Commission rather than release findings; Sarah Huckabee Sanders backs Trump's 2016 voter fraud claim. (Feelings don't care about your facts!) Trump-backed KS gubernatorial candidate Kris Kobach's history of fraud and grift. Fox's Bill Hemmer doesn't know that Wells Fargo has been screwing customers for years. iTunes de-platforms Alex Jones; we play yet another Vic Berger compilation.

On the fun half: John in San Antonio on left-populist candidates in the midwest. Some mixed emotions on the de-platforming of Alex Jones. Randy Moss wears "say their names" tie to his Pro Football Hall of Fame induction, explains it to viewers. Kavanaugh's ties to disgraced former judge Alex Kozinski, who was accused of sexual harassment by numerous former colleagues. Roy Blunt defends Maxine Waters against Trump's "low IQ" attacks but insists "the GOP is not anti-black." Fox and Friends totally unprepared to debate socialism. Trump attorney Kay Sekulow blames "bad information" for his false statements about the Trump tower meeting. Why is there no left equivalent to Limbaugh and Hannity? A caller on the TN Senate race. Jamie explains the difference between private property in the Marxist sense and mere personal property. Dave in Jamaica on the need to break up tech monopolies that control too much of our infrastructure.

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Read Jamie's detailed and depressing report on drug-induced homicide prosecutions at Rolling Stone.

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