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On today's show: Woman named Maria Butina unmasked as Russian spy and arrested! Mary Lou from CT thanks Russians for interfering in US election because Hillary is terrible. Trump tells Hannity Putin denied meddling: he was "very, very strong." Updates on the DoJ's Russia investigation: Butina's ties to GOP leaders, how she may have funneled Russian money through the NRA, her on-video interaction with Trump. Indications the Republicans (Priebus, Nunes) are planning their escape routes. Ajit Pai's efforts to distance himself from Jared Kushner. Signs the Democrats are set to make gains in the House, even in places like Texas.

On the fun half: A fan-edited video of MR's "zero sum game" leitmotif. Tucker Carlson claims Mexico interferes "more successfully" than Russia in our elections. Steve Bannon defends an anti-Islam activist on British TV. Dave Rubin seeks an "objective" news article about Trump's Helsinki summit. Racist old man calls in to argue some more about race, IQ and policy. A caller pretends his opposition to the $15/hour minimum wage is based in concern for workers. Diver in Thailand says Elon Musk can stick his submarine "where it hurts." Alexandria Ocasio Cortez flubs Palestine interview question with GOP operative host Margaret Hoover; a caller says this shows the limitations of socialist participation in government.

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