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Marcy Wheeler (@emptywheel) joins us to discuss the latest developments around the Mueller investigation.

On today's show: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wins a primary in a district she isn't even running in. Mike Pence brushes off the idea that the Kavanaugh pick is about protecting Trump.

Journalist Marcy Wheeler, of, joins us to discuss the exhausting (but fascinating) ins and outs of the Mueller investigation, including her own involvement in it. The ways Russian hackers may have compromised the 2016 election and what they wanted out of it. Flynn's communication with Russia and the evidence their deal had something to do with Syria. The non-Trump-connected source whose text messages served as a basis for Wheeler's work. The factors that led Wheeler to go to the FBI willingly. The "clean team" Mueller sent to talk to her without revealing anything. The threats Wheeler has received as a result of her participation in the investigation and why she's doing it anyway. The role of Michael Cohen. The Steele Dossier as distraction tactic. What we should watch out for in the coming months.

On the fun half: Trump says Putin is the easiest NATO member to deal with, claims NATO owes the US money. Trump at NATO breakfast in Brussells, projecting wildly: "Germany is totally controlled by Russia." Mike Pence tells Dana Bash he's pro-life, dodges her question on whether he's confident Kavanaugh would overturn Roe v Wade. Jordan Peterson tells Joe Rogan those talking about equality of outcome "should be put in a box," Rogan points out his hypocrisy with regards to enforced monogamy. Rogan goes off on people who support ICE kidnapping babies. Alan Dershowitz goes on 'The View' for some reason, says Cynthia Nixon is bad because she supports BDS. Drunken racist accosts woman in Puerto Rican flag shirt while pig cop does nothing.

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