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It's Casual Friday here on the Majority Report and joining Michael Brooks are friends of the show Ana Kasparian of the Young Turks and comedy writer David Feldman of the David Feldman Show. Michael and Ana break down the midterm results and evaluate what the new class of progressive Democrats can do in next year's new majority house. How do progressives work pragmatically with the Democratic establishment in a productive manner without losing their convictions won in the 2018 midterms. Ana and Michael discuss the New York Times' bombshell Facebook report and debunk the myth of the "liberal"  Silicon Valley corporations. The belief that Silicon Valley is a vanguard of moral capitalism is no longer fantasy, it's delusion.

David Feldman thinks he's on with Sam only to find out it's Michael hosting today--he says he'll never another MR program again. Feldman lays out his media critique, journalistic outlets are not educating us, they're simply feeding the spectacle of Trump with an occasional segment where they fact-check habitual liars. On the democratic party, Feldman says it is time to fight like a dysfunctional family where the world outside thinks we're the ideal American family. However, there is hope in the incoming freshman can bring that fight. Feldman shares his most recent work with Triumph the Insult Comic Dog and what it was like to meet Ted Cruz--who actually turned out to be charming.   Feldman explains how his old boss, Dennis Miller, with his decent into marginalized, bigoted madness, is performing the most high-concept satirical comedy we've ever seen--hilarious stuff. As for this week's movie recommendation, Feldman says Diabolique is a can't miss.

And in the Fun Half: Raygun wants to know how big a payday would Michael need to be the face of Arby's, how can progressives address Democratic Machine states, Ilhan Omar points out the double standard when a minority represents a majority white district, Jack Posobiec's Game of Thrones erotica featuring Donald Trump and Sansa Stark, Lou Dobbs' misinformation campaign is essentially elder abuse, Pod Save America are who we thought they were, Michael updates us on the state of the Brazilian politics, the problem with addressing racism with class arguments, plus your calls and IMs!

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