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Eric Levitz (@EricLevitz) of New York Magazine joins us to discuss his latest piece, "Unions Are Not a Special Interest Group."

On today's show: Trump says he'll "have a little fun today" visiting shooting victims' families.

Eric Levitz (@EricLevitz) of New York Magazine joins us to discuss unions, Jordan Peterson, Puerto Rico, and more.

The correlation of unionization rates and the wages of all workers, not just the ones in unions. The myth that higher unionization rates hinder economic growth, especially when you look at the share of that growth that goes to the working class. Anti-union propaganda and the shifting perception of unions, even among the Democratic Party. The 1970s roots of backlash against unions. Why so many Senators consistently vote against labor. The contradictory politics of people in red states and the rising respect for unions among even (some) Republican voters. Levitz's take on Jordan Peterson and the myth that Marxists want everyone to be perfectly equal. The policy changes that would have to take place for us to actually have equality of opportunity.

The survey that found 4,581 Puerto Ricans, not 64, have died as the result of Hurricane Maria. The failings of the Trump administration and the manmade nature of this catastrophe.

The corporate malfeasance by which Purdue Pharmaceuticals knowingly profited off of, and contributed to, opiate addiction in the US. The false dichotomy between rule of law and economic inequality in framing problems like the opiate epidemic.

On the fun half: The broader implications of the coup against Lula in Brazil. Police beat up drunk woman on New Jersey beach. Jim Acosta cries about MAGA people calling him a scumbag. Bacon's rebellion, miscegenation laws, and the history of the ruling class using racism to divide workers. Tucker Carlson says that MSNBC, Tim Wise are the real racists. A caller in Nigeria talks about the state of LGBT rights in Africa and what we can do about it. Alex Jones defends Roseanne by saying he's "gorilla-like" himself. Mike Pompeo shakes hands with Kim Yong Chol, Vice Chairman of North Korea. China releases video of awesome aqua drones. What to say to someone who thinks progressive politics don't go far enough? Jamie and Michael debate tactics and where to draw the line. Should the MR crew go harder on people like David Brooks?

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