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On today's show: Giuliani gets booed at Yankee stadium on his birthday. ICE lost track of 1,475 immigrant children last year; some of them wound up trafficked. PBS Frontline documents Guatemalan teens forced to work on Ohio egg farm. Is it bad that people are conflating Obama's immigration policy with Trump's? GEO Group private prison contractor creates a prison transport bus for babies. Jonathan Chait's latest sloppy, red-baiting piece on how "the left" doesn't care about democracy.

On the fun half: GOP candidate John Ward doesn't want PuertoRonald  Ricans voting in Florida races. New Harvard study finds death toll in Puerto Rico is at least 4,600 (official government figure: 64). Ireland overturns its abortion ban by referendum, granting human rights to millions. Sam was right about birth control and conservative commentator Peter Schiff was wrong. Ronald Raygun on ICE removal proceedings, the lack of a left alternative on immigration policy. Roseanne's show canceled over racist tweet. GOP Congressman Dana Rohrabacher won't apologize for supporting housing discrimination against gay people. KY Catholic diocese banned a valedictorian's speech for being too political, so the teen found a megaphone. Maggie Haberman and the NYT don't want to lose their White House access. A plug for Chardo Richardson, the Justice Democrat running against Blue Dog Stephanie Murphy in Florida. Mindy on Haberman's connections to the Kushner family. A caller recommends the manga version of Marx's Capital. (This one is good too, says Jamie.) How dependent is MMT on the US as global hegemonic power?

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