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Good morning on everyone on today's show, Benjamin  Dixon (@BenjaminPDixon)  and Ben Mankiewicz. We are live at 12:00 ET.

First, ICE has lost 1475 children they ripped from parents they've detained. It must go.

Then, Ben Dixon joins us to break down Nancy Pelosi's lame response to the NFL telling players they can't kneel, Trump's erratic diplomacy with North Korea, and how much will the Democrats squander their "blue wave."

The Ben Mankiewicz joins us to discuss his love for Los Angeles driving routes, The Americans and Deadwood, Fleetwood Mac as the third greatest band of all-time, and Steve Kerr's response to the NFL's kneel rule.

On the fun half - The NRA's Dan Bongino calls NFL players snowflakes and blocks Matt, Trump continues making NK talks pettier than you can imagine, is a fascist board game indoctrinating children, LGBT  rights still need defending, and your calls and IMs!

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