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Digby (@digby56) and Larry Murphy join us.

On today's show: Bill Gates reveals that Trump asked him the difference between HIV and HPV, twice. Racist lawyer Aaron Schlossberg once harassed vlogger Willie Morris on the street, calling him an "ugly foreigner."

Heather Parton a.k.a Digby, of and Hullabaloo, joins us to break down the news. The latest on Trump's shady business deals and the degree to which we've become a kleptocracy. Digby's critique of the Democrats' midterm electoral strategy: They should be attacking Trump and the GOP more. Six Democrats voted to confirm Gina Haspel. What's up with all this capitulation? Is Chuck Schumer just bad at his job? The GOP's failed attack on SNAP by way of the Farm Bill. The history of tying SNAP to agricultural subsidies as a compromise between urban and rural areas. How the Republican Party has gone from appealing to the crazies to being them. How Americans can exert pressure on elected officials from the bottom.

Voice actor and comedian Larry Murphy (@LarryMurphyJr) joins us. Rudy Giuliani melts down over a Clinton-era clip of himself contradicting his own assertion re: whether or not the president can be subpoenaed. Trump's shady associate Felix Sater and comparisons to crime boss Whitey Bulger. An update on the "Bob's Burgers" universe. A new Jimmy Reefercake song is played.

On the fun half: Footage from the scene of the school shooting in Sante Fe, TX. Woman who brought gun to graduation was paid right-wing operative. Charlie Kirk praises black conservative Candace Owens; Vic Berger remixes her with Kanye. Racist lawyer yells "you are not a Jew!" at Rabbi who supports Linda Sarsour. ICE director cries at WH summit because everyone hates ICE officers. Oochie Wally on black conservatism. (Book rec: 'Why Some Politicians Are More Dangerous Than Others,' by James Gilligan.) Listener Tammy emotionally blackmails her fellow Texans into voting. Jordan Peterson's modest proposal for a fascist rape state.

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