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Cliff Schecter (@cliffschecter) and Film Guy Matthew Weiss (@langdonboom) join us for Casual Friday.

On today's show: Fox News says torture works, just ask "song bird" John McCain. Damn!

Cliff Schecter joins us to break down the latest news out of Washington. Trump claims he's fighting to drain the swamp amid Michael Cohen lobbying controversy. Politico says "pay for play" is just the reality of D.C. Kamala Harris grills Gina Haspel on the morality of waterboarding, Haspel is (spoiler alert!) evasive. Was it cool for Fox to go after John McCain for being tortured?

Film Guy Matthew joins us. The story of how Sam and Matthew met and how Matthew became Film Guy Matthew. The time Sam almost killed Stephen Colbert. An update on the Cernovich doc. Matthew recommends two movies: 'Culloden,' a 1964 film by Peter Watkins about the 1746 battle that ended the Scottish Jacobite uprising, and 'Land and Freedom,' a 1995 film by Ken Loach about an unemployed Brit who goes to fight in the Spanish Civil War. Is 'The Handmaid's Tale' a work of bourgeois propaganda? Everyone but Sam disses The Doors.

On the fun half: Trump rallies his base, bashes foreign aid, celebrates saying "Merry Christmas" in May.  John Kelly says undocumented immigrants "don't have the skills" to assimilate into US society. Brooklyn comedian Jake Flores gets interrogated by ICE for joking about them on Twitter. ICE terrorists bust down a family's door without a warrant. How to deal with red baiting in Europe? An IM-er recommends the dystopia "3%" on Netflix. How to deal with Jordan Peterson's followers? A spirited debate about the causes of, and remedies for, aggrievement politics and right wing populism. Raygun theorizes ICE agents are motivated by a mixture of racism and boredom. A plug for Alison Hartson, who's running for Senate in California.

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