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Zero Books editor and podcast host Douglas Lain joins Michael to take a birdseye view of the much discussed and hotly debated conversation surrounding the "Intellectual Dark Web," the internet's latest cast of "renegades" shaking things up in the American sociopolitical discourse. How the "Intellectual Dark Web" is open to any idea besides the idea that they might be racist or sexist. The troubling way the "intellectual dark web" sucks up oxygen in public conversation when there are more urgent things going on in the world.

On the fun half - Amazon is holding Seattle hostage and Kshama Sawant and socialists are fighting back,  Alex Jones is seeing globalist predictions come to pass, Bernie wants to help the gig economy unionize, Tom Cotton is a super bad guy covering for Gina Haspel, plus your calls and IMs!

If you're in Brooklyn, come see Michael and Jamie at the DSA Healthcare Community Fair on Saturday, May 12.

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