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On today's show: Oliver North says the NRA is under attack, admits to being a gun runner, wants to scrap the Iran deal. Code Pink protests at Gina Haspel's confirmation hearing. Haspel claims she didn't play a role in destroying the torture tapes, but she's sure whoever did had a good reason. Sen. Mark Warner asks Haspel if torture is consistent with American values and you'll never guess what happens next. A breakdown of payments to and from Michael Cohen's shady LLC. Michael Avenatti calls on Cohen to release records of payments from Russian oligarchs.

On the fun half: Rep. McKinley tells drug distributors "I want you to feel shame about your roles" in the opioid crisis. Bari Weiss is back with another disingenuous article about those poor, unfairly maligned reactionaries. Jamie gives an update on what's going on with the New School occupation. (To donate, Venmo some bucks to Solidarity-4-ever.) Black University of Florida students thrown off stage for dancing at their graduation. Dasha owns Infowars re: socialism and Bernie Sanders. A caller posits the Times will never hire a socialist, but that's okay because we don't want to be in their neoliberal rag, anyway.

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