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Rachel Heiman, associate professor of anthropology at The New School, joins us to discuss her book, Driving after Class: Anxious Times in an American Suburb.

On today's show: Mitt Romney heckles Russell Westbrook at NBA playoff game, isn't doing so hot in the Utah Senate primary.

Rachel Heiman joins us to discuss her ethnographic study of a suburban town in New Jersey. How Heiman wove herself into the fabric of the town for about a year, attending local meetings, interviewing kids and adults, and even working as a babysitter. The reasons Baby Boomers migrated from cities to the suburbs in the 1980s: The enduring postwar ideal of the nuclear family in a single-family home, public divestment in cities, racial anxieties. Changes in the middle class brought on by neoliberalism, growing inequality, and the myth of rugged individualism. Coded language like "security" and gated houses as a proxy for other types of barriers. The rise of hyper-scheduling, tutors, SUVs, and other expressions of parents' fears. What's driving this insecurity? "Shop local" as a way to keep tax dollars in one's own, relatively wealthy, town.

On the fun half: Fox News clowns take shots at Bernie Sanders' proposal for a federal jobs guarantee, only succeed at making it sound great. Rand Paul gives into Trump, votes for Pompeo because he "learned his lesson" on Iraq. Alek Minassian arrested for van attack in Toronto, apparently a member of "incel" community. Senate to postpone confirmation hearing for VA nominee (and doctor to Trump) Ronny Jackson over concerns about his on-the-job behavior. Tucker Carlson whines about DSA members who were mean to Milo, suddenly likes safe spaces. Why hasn't Trump mentioned the Waffle House hero? Melania, having tasted freedom, resists holding her husband's hand. Mindy backs up Rachel Heiman's findings. Vote for Genevieve Jones-Wright, a DSA candidate for DA in San Diego. Sean Hannity flabbergasted/thrilled that newscasters keep saying his name. Trump parrots talking points from Fox News.

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